SDXC Extended Capacity Secure Digital Cards

Massive Storage, Incredible Speed

The next-generation SDXC memory card specification, released to members in April, 2009, dramatically improves consumers’ digital lifestyles by increasing storage capacity from more than 32 GB up to 2 TB and increasing bus interface speed up to 104 MB per second in 2009 with a road map to 300 MB per second. SDXC's extended capacity will provide more portable storage and speed, which are often required to support new features in consumer electronic devices and mobile phones.

A 2 TB SDXC memory card could store an estimated 100 HD movies or 480 hours of HD recording or 136,000 fine-grade photos. Faster bus speeds will enable professional-level recording in compact consumer camcorders and increase the number of frames shot in a second with SDXC cameras.

The faster bus speeds in the SDXC specification also will benefit SDHC, Embedded SD and SDIO specifications - Memory Compatibility checker.


SDXC Cards

The faster bus speeds in the SDXC specification also will benefit SDHC, Embedded SD and SDIO specifications.

SDXC Formats

  SDXC microSDXC
Size SD Card SD Card
Area 768 mm2 165 mm2
Card Volume 1,613 mm3 165 mm3
Thickness 2.1 mm 1.0 mm
Weight Approx. 2g Approx. 0.5g
Number of pins 9 pins 8 pins
File System exFAT exFAT
Operating Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V 2.7V - 3.6V
Write-protect Switch YES NO
Copyright protection CPRM CPRM
Compatibility - Yes (with adapter)
Capacity Over 32 GB - 2 TB Over 32 GB - 2 TB

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